Why I Finally Choose Safari As The Main Browser on Mac

Martin Manullang
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Endless Searching for Mac Browser

I’m known as a person who changes browsers frequently. The reason is simple, not finding fit and comfort. I’ve tried various browsers ranging from popular ones like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera to mediocre ones like Brave, Yandex. From the names above, Edge is one of the best, in my opinion. Since using Chromium, Edge is very reliable to be the main browser. However, the chromium-based browser is not the right one for me. Constraints on the performance side often occur. One of them is the memory consumption is quite large.

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My Browser Needs

I live in Taiwan, but strangely I can’t speak mandarin very well. I still depend on the translator. A reliable translator that can be turned on/off quickly is one of my needs. For example, when shopping online or translating an article in Mandarin to English. A browser that uses google translate as a translation engine will be just what I need. In addition, I am also uncomfortable with trackers and sometimes still need an ad blocker for specific websites that have more ads than content. The password manager is no less critical. Previously, I used the Last Pass to manage my passwords, but since the Last Pass became paid, I switched to Bitwarden.

I often need several other features, such as inspect elements, picture-in-picture, and a synchronized bookmark manager. Inspect details are often used for web development purposes. While I use pip when I want youtube or other videos to be displayed in a small format. And I need a bookmark manager because I work across apple devices (and of course, Safari will be immensely reliable in this regard)

Safari Pros

One thing where Safari definitely excels and is unmatched is the matter of performance. Safari is built with the web-kit engine, an engine made by Apple for rendering websites. WebKit is an Apple browser engine used in Safari and other iOS web browsers. As of PS3, WebKit is utilized by the BlackBerry Browser, Tizen mobile OS, and the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. WebKit’s C++ API supports browser functionality such as following links clicked by the user, maintaining a back-forward list, and managing a history of recently viewed sites.

Credit : Apple

For today’s internet requirements and machines, Apple has done excellent jobs optimization for Safari: The result is a browser that is usually the best way to do MacOS. It includes cross-site tracking and some integrated ads aimed at privacy protection. Add a famously locked-down system to Apple, and you have a safe and trustworthy browser (HTTPS certificates for sites on Safari must be renewed every year, for example). It’s also quick, with 2021 Jetstream 2 browser scored 136, higher than other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Handover in Safari (Credit : Howtogeek)

Safari provides fantastic integration for Apple enthusiasts too. You may look for a title in the app store at some time or transfer your browser to another device, such as your iPad or iPhone. iCloud integration also enables you to utilize the password management capabilities of Safari to prevent applications from third parties. All in all, Safari provides excellent speed, is accessible directly from the box on your Mac, and has an increasing number of extensions to extend its capabilities.

Installed Extension on My Safari

I don’t use any extra extensions in the browser. The first extension is a translator. Unfortunately, Safari doesn’t have a built-in translator, which requires me to buy a third-party translator (yes, because all translator extensions in Safari don’t translate well). My choice fell on Translate 2 for Safari. I bought it for under 5$. Affordable enough for an extension that I can use forever. This translator extension also has some of the controls I need. For example, displaying the original text, highlighting the text that I only want to translate.

How the extension translate my webpage

The second extension I use is Ad-Guard. It seems some people already know this application from its name. Yes, an adblocker that you can customize with many options. For example, you can disable the adblocker but keep the tracking blocker running.

The last extension I use on Safari is sessions by Toast. In simple terms, this extension allows us to open several website tabs that we have previously configured at once in one click. This is very helpful when our daily work involves several of the same websites. This extension is free and has an in-app purchase option for those who want to enjoy the extra features.

Comparison of Basic and Pro plan in Sessions — Toast

The New Safari for macOS Monterey

I also installed the beta version of Safari (technical preview version), which will be launched with macOS Monterey. Apple followed this up by providing the third macOS Monterey public beta in the form of an immediate public release. The macOS Monterey Beta has a significant change in the default Safari tab design: Instead of the merged search and tab bar seen in previous betas, it has reverted to a more traditional tab bar, with different search and page tabs.

Credit : Xda Developers

macOS Monterey beta 3 (officially the second public release) is already being sent via over-the-air updates for participants who have signed up to participate in the beta testing program. If you’re not running the beta yet, you may get it from Apple’s beta page. Safari’s newly revamped look, coming with macOS 12 Monterey, includes a brand-new Shortcuts app, FaceTime’s new SharePlay functionality, a new Focus mode, Quick Notes, and AirPlay to Mac.



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